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What is a sexually transmitted disease?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are host of infections that an individual may acquire through intimate contact, unprotected sexual intercourse which can be vaginal, anal or oral. These infections can be caused by bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites.

How do I know I have contracted STD?
What is premature ejaculation (PME)??

Premature ejaculation is when someone ejaculates before or soon after penetration, lasting usually less than a minute.

What causes PME?

God has created man stronger than women in physical aspects. But where it matters most (in the act of intercourse), man falls weaker. May be god’s way of creating equilibrium. Well, jokes apart PME is relatively common when a man starts having sex for the first time. As one starts having sex regularly, the endurance increases. Every man has a variable stamina for sex. Some people ejaculate too soon and some are able to hold on for a respectable amount of time. It’s actually in the make of an individual.

What is erectile dysfunction(ED)?

It is inability to either achieve or maintain a sustained erection sufficient enough for a penetrative intercourse.

How does normal erection occur?

Erection is a very dynamic and multistep process. The sexual desire is caused by normal level of testosterone and prolactin hormones in blood. Low level of testosterone and high level of prolactin can decrease sexual desire.